Tea and cakes on offer at Rose Hill

to Let - a dead good business opportunity in a peaceful location with quiet neighbours and lots of flowers.

The sign erected near the entrance to Doncaster’s Rose Hill Cemetery has certainly intrigued passers-by.

When it went up near to the Ascot Avenue entrance to the graveyard, it did not specify what was ‘to let’ and had Cantley residents scratching their heads.

But all was revealed after a call to Doncaster Council, who said they were considering letting a site for a cafe at the cemetery to meet demand from mourners and visitors who might want refreshments.

There are no cafes in Cantley or Bessacarr and the nearest cafe outlet to Rose Hill is in the town centre or as far away as Blaxton.

Council officers have allocated a plot of 8m by 5m near the cemetery entrance for the proposed cafe.

The facilities would be provided by whoever takes on the lease.

Dave Wilkinson, assistant director of trading and Support Services, said: “The council is looking at the possibility of having a small café in a portable building at Rose Hill Cemetery.

“There are no other facilities like this nearby at the moment.

“The team, who are based at the cemetery, often get asked by visitors if there is anywhere they can get a drink.

“Through advertising we’ve had a couple of enquiries so far and have sent further information out to those people.

“Anyone who is interested in finding out more about this opportunity is invited to get in touch with us by Wednesday, August 10,” said Mr Wilkinson