Stop smoking sessions to be held in Epworth

Isle smokers who want help to kick the habit can now take part in weekly advice sessions in Epworth.

The local NHS stop smoking services will be running advice and information sessions at 5pm every Monday at the Wesley Memorial Church on the High Street.

And you can meet members of the team at the Epworth Farmers Market on Saturday (July 20).

Stop Smoking Practitioner, Ann Freebury said: “If you are looking at improving your health, wealth and well being, quitting smoking can help you achieve all of these goals, and with the support of your local NHS stop smoking service, it’s a fact that you are four times more likely to succeed than if you go it alone.

“Maybe you have tried to go it alone in the past, have used a method that may not have been right for you, or you just never got around to taking the plunge.

“Whatever your experience, if you are interested in quitting but not sure how, a specialist advisor will be on hand to guide you through the range of choices that are on offer from the NHS to help you to quit smoking.

“A recent independent survey identified that nine out of ten smokers who have used the local service would recommend it to others. So if its reducing your risk of ill health, saving £2,000 a year, or enjoying that game of football with your children or grandchildren without having to stop for breath, why not give quitting a go with your local NHS stop smoking services?” If you are ready and want to quit now contact the service on 0845 603 2166 to secure your place. Alternatively contact Ann on 07789 864786, or visit