Rogers rants; no skills? What you sow is what you reap

A woman looking into the window of a job centre.
A woman looking into the window of a job centre.
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Over the past few years we have become used to people in authority complaining about the poor aptitude education and attitude of workers and young people in particular.

Well meaning multi-millionaire foodie philanthropist and philosopher Jamie Oliver was recently musing about why he prefers to employ Eastern European workers because British kids don’t want to turn in an 80 hour week like him and doff their cap to him and his magnificent job opportunities.

This week a Barnsley fashion designer was opining about why she has to have her garments sewn in different parts of the country because there is a lack of youngsters or seamstresses (or blokes for that matter in the interests of gender equality) trained up for the job in South Yorkshire.

Bosses up and down are making a big fuss about 16-year-olds not being able to read and write properly and not wanting to turn up for work.

We have to employ Polish plumbers, sparks and engineers because our own grown pool of craftsmen has inexplicably disappeared.

What is blamed for this perceived decline in the quality of the Britsh workforce?

As usual it is youngsters themselves, as if an entire generation has mutated into workshy thickos in the space of 30 years.

The next port of call is their parents, whose character is bizarrely judged as being inversely proportional to the size of their TV screen.

Also in the reckoning in this chain of blame are teachers, schools and the education system, which is apparently turning out legions of nail polishers wanabee popstars and useless media types.

We can point fingers all we like at the end results.

But the captains of industry, bankers and politicians who have masterminded the UK economy over the past 35 years or so need to come clean about their own woeful performance first.

How many British manufacturers and engineering companies - when we had such things - exploited YTS cheap labour in the 1980s instead of investing in real apprenticeships?

How many instant multi-millionaires have been produced from cynical asset-stripping takeovers, or useless employment agencies?

What is the point of teaching kids to work a sewing machine when the big clothes factories have long gone - how many supermarkets and clothing companies use cheap imports and who buys them?

We are probably producing more cars than ever in this country but the companies are foreign-owned.

We have been sold down the river. Call me a trendy lefty if you want, but I reckon what you sow is what you reap.