Ladies can jump the Stobart Club queue

Community event.
Community event.

Lady shoppers at a Denaby supermarket are in with a chance of joining one of Britain’s most exclusive clubs - having an Eddie Stobart Truck named after them

Children in Need fundraisers at the ASDA store on Hilltop Road are selling raffle tickets with the lucky winner having their name on one of the trucks of one of the country’s best known haulage companies.

Sarah Armstrong of Denaby ASDA said: “There is a three year waiting list for this honour and I think it’s a great prize. It’s all for a very good cause.”

The £1 raffle tickets are being sold at the store kiosk in the run up to Christmas.

The company is also well know for its fleet of immaculate trucks, each emblazoned with a girl’s name on the front, and the army of dedicated Stobart Spotters who try to find each one.

The tradition has continued and now the Members Club has grown to nearly 20,000

The late Edward Stobart started naming trucks after girls back in 1974 and the first one was called Twiggy after the model. Soon after, the Stobart Members Club was formed as the company’s popularity increased and it soon became a national pass-time to while away long motorway journeys by spotting Eddie Stobart trucks.

Big hearted customers of the Denaby ASDA store have so far raised more than £400 for Children in Need this year.