‘I wish I could do more to help them’

Moira Wood in hospital.
Moira Wood in hospital.

A Mexborough granddad who’s devotion to his wife following a triple organ transplant left him penniless says his faith in human nature has been restored after a disabled woman offered to donate £100 to his cause.

The South Yorkshire Times exclusively told how Michael Wood battled to keep a vigil at the bedside of his wife Moira, recovering from a bowel liver and pancreas transplant in a Cambridge Hospital. The couple have finally been able to organise a Personal Care Plan after battling bureaucracy from health care agency ATOS.

Pamela Phelps, 55 of Birmingham said she was moved after she read about Michael’s plight on the Internet.

Pamela, who did not want to give her full address, said the Government’s “bedroom tax” meant that she had to move from her specially adapted two bedroomed flat which was adapted for her disabilities. Ms Phelps, who suffers from spinal arthritis, partial kidney failure and chronic fatigue syndrome, said: “With the change over to Employment and Support Allowance, I had a nightmare losing my incapacity benefit and Council tax benefit. When I saw what Mr Wood was going through I felt I had to offer to help him out with a gift token or something People have helped me in the past. If I can help someone who is in a similar position to what I was in, I am only too happy to do it.” Michael, who is now looking for work in Cambridge said:”I am very touched by Mrs Phelp’s offer but I couldn’t possibly accept it. I only wish I could do something to help her. I was starting to lose my faith in human nature, but it shows some people really do care.”