Creepy Doncaster Clown photo is a hoax

editorial image

A photograph claiming to show the infamous Doncaster Clown is fake, the Free Press can confirm.

The photo, sent to the Free Press overnight, claimed to show the errant entertainer in Intake at 10.40pm last night.

It follows rumours of a man dressed as a clown who reputedly prowls the town's streets at night to scare people. The clown, last spotted three years ago, announced on Facebook last week that he was making a return to the area.

Yesterday he claimed to have been in Stainforth on Saturday night, posting: "Walked the full length of East Lane last night and not a soul in sight. Everyone must have all been hiding in Stainforth.

"I just want to give some hugs out, can anyone recommend a village in Donny where people won't hide from me?"

One thing's for sure: the clown wasn't in Intake last night, as our forensic investigation into the photograph has revealed.

The original picture was very dark, perhaps to hide the fact it had been altered. But when we digitally enhanced the picture to make it brighter, it became obvious that the clown had been added to the picture.

And an internet image search reveals the clown's distinctive blue checked outfit belongs to 90s US wrestler 'Doink the Clown', an alias adopted by five different wrestlers in the WWF from 1993 to 1997.

One particular photo of Doink is an exact fit for the clown in the faked image - although the face has been changed in the faked image to make the clown appear more scary.

Back when the Doncaster Clown first surfaced in 2013, as a copycat of a similar clown in Northampton, police said that there had been no clown-related sightings or crimes reported to them, despite rumours on social media.