Chef Lucy comes to aid of Doncaster hangover victims

Lucy Bowland, of the Hangover kitchen pictured making a delivery. Picture: Marie Caley D4483MC
Lucy Bowland, of the Hangover kitchen pictured making a delivery. Picture: Marie Caley D4483MC

COOKERY queen Lucy Bowland is set to become the toast of Doncaster’s drinkers - by dishing up fried breakfasts to hungover revellers on their doorsteps.

For Lucy is kicking off an egg-citing new venture and coming to the rescue of those suffering from the morning after the night before by serving up bacon and eggs in bed.

The Hangover Kitchen will kick off this weekend, meaning boozed-up brekkie lovers can simply dial up, place their orders and then tuck into hand delivered fried delights without having to venture into their own kitchen with a queasy tum or pounding head.

She said: “We have all been there - suffering after a night out and feeling like death warmed up and not wanting to cook anything. I thought there was demand there to provide that service for people and so The Hangover Kitchen was born.”

Lucy, 23, will be open for business every Saturday and Sunday morning between 9am and 1pm, dishing up everything from bacon, egg and sausage butties to full-on breakfast boxes packed with bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, black pudding and toast as well as tea and coffee.

“It came from personal experience,” she said. “I woke up hungover one morning and wanted food but didn’t want to do it myself or go out for anything. Then it just hit me - I thought a cooked breakfast delivery service would be brilliant and there must be loads of other people across Doncaster like me every weekend.”

Lucy will serve up her breakfasts from a professional commercial catering kitchen in Finningley and comes from a cooking background, having grown up at The Park Hotel in Hyde Park where her mum was manageress as well as working and serving grub at several town centre pubs.

But the mum-of-one, who lives in Auckley, admits she wasn’t sure whether the idea would ever come to fruition.

“I had no idea whether it would be possible,” she said. “But the response has been really positive and we’ve had loads of feedback on Facebook so there is demand out there.

“There’re not really any cafes or breakfast places round the Finningley area. I’ve a lot of faith it will work.”

But being a breakfast angel has its downsides.

“I’ll not be able to go out myself,” she said. “I’ll be too busy cooking everyone else’s breakfast!”

n The Hangover Kitchen opens this Saturday. Orders can be placed on 07909 575230 with menus at Thehangoverkitchen on Facebook. Initially, the service will only be available in villages surrounding the Finningley area.