Off road bike seized at petrol station in latest Doncaster crackdown

An off road motorbike which was seized while refuelling at a petrol station in Edlington, Doncaster
An off road motorbike which was seized while refuelling at a petrol station in Edlington, Doncaster

A nuisance off road motorbike was seized in a Doncaster village at the weekend after another police crackdown.

Plain clothes officers on unmarked off-road bikes took part in what was a joint operation with Doncaster Council, and also dished out a number of warnings to other bikers in Edlington.

Community leaders have previously voiced concerns over people riding off-road motorcycles in the former mining village, and police say they are aware of it as an issue in both the east and the west of the borough.

Supt Neil Thomas said the off road operation was in and around Edlington, and the bike was seized after the rider had stopped at a Texaco petrol station in the village to fill up.

Three warnings were also give out to other riders during the campaign.

Police recently brought in off road bikes of their own to use in their operations, to replace quad bikes which they had used previously.

The off road bikes can be ridden by officers using their existing motorcycle training, rather then them having to be specially trained to use the quad bikes they had been using.

Supt Thomas said: "Nuisance bikers is a problem all over the country, but we have used some resources and we've got a number of of road motorbikes we're using.

"In this operation, the bike was seized from someone who had been warned already.

"This was seized in Edlington in the west of Doncaster, but in the east of the borough, nuisance bikers are being reported on rural farmland as well. Some times they tear over farmers fields and that can cause tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to crops in those fields.

"It is mainly an adult male issue, rather than youngsters. it is people with decent bikes and decent kit riding bridleways and paths. There are other people using these bridleways and pathways and they are put in danger by people on motorbikes."

Edlington Town Council chairman Frank Arrowsmith said the town had been plagued by off road bikes quads, which had had moved from tearing up green areas on the edge
of the village to using the main roads and side streets, and event pavements.

He said: "The Town Council have attended a number of meetings with South Yorkshire Police and Doncaster Council officers who have explained the policy of dealing with this issue."

He said they had said there was an issue with the age of the perpetrators which affected their ability to pursue them.

He added: "Local residents are very frustrated that while these illegal machines seem to have impunity on our streets and pose a very dangerous threat they find police speed camera vans parked on the main roads into village often parked inappropriately fining hard working motorists in a very deprived community."