Nuisance calls inquiry after MPs campaign

Andrew Percy MP
Andrew Percy MP

Nuisance phone callers who prey on vulnerable people in the Isle could become a thing of the past as part of a Government inquiry.

The House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee is to probe the practice of cold calling and text messaging by sales firms, which are often unsolicitied, following pressure from Isle MP Andrew Percy.

Following a number of complaints from constituents the MP has been campaigning for a change in the law and recently meet with regulator Ofcom to discuss his concerns.

Mr Percy said: “We’re all fed up with these annoying phone calls, so I’m pleased the committee is going to investigate them.

“I am constantly bombarded with text messages about PPI, pensions and much more.

“Like most people, I haven’t asked for these texts or calls.

“I am urging residents to submit any evidence or experiences of nuisance phone calls or text messages to me so that I can send them on to the committee.”

The committee will investigate the current regulatory system and its enforcement, as well as the effectiveness of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which allows people to opt out of receiving cold calls. It will also look into what practical measures phone companies are taking to prevent cold calling.

Mr Percy added: “We get a lot of complaints at my office.

“People get dropped calls even when they are signed up to the telephone preference service, or they get unwanted text messages. That should not be happening.

“I joined the TPS and I still get calls telling me I may have been missold a pension, which is impossible since I was a teacher.

“Similarly this is also the case with personal protection insurance which I don’t have.

“These calls are an inconvenience to most people but can be a menace to vulnerable or older people. A telphone call has a different meaning to them.”