North Lincolnshire Council needs more paper

North Lincolnshire Council is calling on Isle residents to recycle more paper as there has been a steady decline in the last few years across the country with the amount being recycled.

By Stephanie Bateman
Tuesday, 20th January 2015, 11:16 am
Councillor Nigel Sherwood
Councillor Nigel Sherwood

This coincides with a decrease in demand for magazines and newspapers, as many people are now choosing the internet and social media to find out about the latest news and gossip.

However, all households will have some paper that can be recycled in their blue recycling box, even if you do not get any magazines or newspapers.

Paper that you can recycle includes:

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Junk mail

Advertising leaflets

Printer paper

Children’s colouring books

Writing paper

Note paper

Letters (please remove any personal information)

Catalogues and directories

Envelopes (if you remove the gum strip and windows)

Shredded paper (place this in a tied carrier bag or wrapped in newspaper)

Even if you only have a small amount every little bit counts.

If you do not have a blue box, you can request one free online at or contact the Customer Contact Centre on 01724 297000.

Paper that cannot be recycled includes:

Wrapping paper – this is due to the majority having glitter, sticky tape or other embellishments on it and many are not made of paper

Wallpaper – whether it is stripped from walls or leftover as they can contain polystyrene, plastics and glue


Sticky labels

Three great reasons why we need to recycle all of our paper are:

Saves the forests – reduces the need to cut down trees to produce paper

Saves energy – it takes less energy to process recycled paper than original paper

Reduces waste in landfill – landfill is costly and contributes to global warming and pollution

Councillor Nigel Sherwood, cabinet member for highways and neighbourhoods said: “We are urging residents to help us recycle more in North Lincolnshire. This will help us improve our carbon footprint and be more environmentally responsible. Many people often aren’t sure what they can and can’t recycle, which is why we are trying to raise awareness.

“Even if you don’t read newspapers or magazines, there is still probably a lot of paper in your house that can be recycled. Everyone receives letters through their door, as long you remove your personal information, you can put these in your blue box. Just recycling a few bits of paper each week will make a difference.”