North Lincolnshire Council goes green with electrical vehicles

North Lincolnshire Council has invested in two electric vans and installed an electric car charging point in the car park behind Scunthorpe Market in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint.


The brand new charging point is the first public 24 hour point in North Lincolnshire and has two charging areas for people to charge their electric vehicles. It costs £1 an hour to charge your vehicle.

A charging point will also be installed in The Angel car park in Brigg over the next couple of weeks.

The two electric vans will be used by the Community Wardens to make their trips around North Lincolnshire more environmentally friendly. Each vehicle can travel up to 100 miles before needing to be charged again.

There are many advantages to electrical vehicles including having zero emissions.

Councillor Neil Poole, cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Reducing our carbon footprint is extremely important, which is why we are always trying to find ways to do this. We have initially bought two electric vehicles to try them out, and if they are a success we will consider buying more.

“More and more people are buying electric vehicles as they are seeing the many benefits it has on the environment and the reduced costs to run them. To meet this demand we will be installing another electric charging point in Brigg.”

Sunil Kapil, Managing Director of Kapil Care Homes, called on the council to install electric car charging points in North Lincolnshire and was the first to use the charging point, he said: “We applaud North Lincolnshire Council for taking this positive step to encourage wider use of electric vehicles in North Lincolnshire. More and more people are aware of the need to move away from using petrol and diesel to fuel our transport and the more places that are available to charge electric cars, the more people will be able to make the change to electric motoring.

“We have run two electric cars for nearly two years now. We chose electric vehicles for a number of reasons including the environmental benefits that they offer, with significantly reduced emissions and zero tailpipe emissions, and the significant financial benefits, like free vehicle tax and greatly reduced fuel costs.

“On top of those things, the cars are great to drive. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about buying a new car to consider going electric.”