North Lincolnshire Council adapts to changing face of local government

Richard Hannigan
Richard Hannigan

North Lincolnshire Council is about to enter into an advertising agreement that will generate money to provide key services.

The move would help bridge the gap between what the government gives the council and the cost to continue to provide local services – helping protect services and jobs.

The council will enter into two agreements:

Website adverts – trial with CAN (Council Advertising Network) to work on behalf of the council to secure adverts on its website

Through the ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation) framework, the council looks set to award a contract to Community Partners for the management of advertising space for commercial sponsorship, to sell adverts, initially on roundabouts, boundary signs and light columns.

There is no cost to the council through the agreement with CAN. Advertising on the council website is expected to generate £9,000 in the first year and around £14,000 in year two. And there is scope for the council to carry adverts on its other websites e.g. and

It is unknown at this stage how much money the council will generate from the contract with Community Partners but there is no initial outlay for the council and it would receive a 60 per cent share of any profit. To maximise income, the council could expand the agreement to include advertising on council buildings, printed publications, flower beds, bus shelters, and more.

Councillor Richard Hannigan (pictured), cabinet member for governance and transformation, said: “The changing face of local government – having less money to pay for services – means we must think of innovative ways to generate more cash and deliver services differently. North Lincolnshire Council is no stranger to this; we are already sharing many of our services with neighbouring North East Lincolnshire Council such as IT, HR, legal and print and design, helping save £12m. We are also looking to set up a separate trading company soon that would generate more income for the council.

“Generating money from advertising is another example of doing things differently. We currently receive just a small amount of money from advertising on some roundabouts, car park tickets and through residents’ magazine News Direct. By have one company to manage all our advertising, we are able to really maximise our income.

“Our aim is to provide high quality services while keeping council tax increases as low as possible. To do this, council officers must think differently about how to raise money. Generating cash through advertising is the first of a range of initiatives that will radically change the way the council does business.”

“By being more commercially focused, we can continue to give residents good quality services by working more efficiently and creatively.”