North Bridge opening plan

North Bridge.
North Bridge.

PLANS to open up the North Bridge in a bid to relieve traffic congestion have moved a step closer.

The once infamous bottleneck on the old Great North Road closed to cars with the opening of St George’s Bridge in 2002.

The bridge next to the Frenchgate Interchange originally was only reserved for buses and taxis.

Its closure followed a successful campaign for the North Bridge Relief Road Scheme which saw more than £40 million of Government money pumped into relieving congestion on the north side of the town.

However, a new traffic regulation order has since been made to permit the use of North Bridge to all outbound vehicles at all times, after taking due consideration of any objections received.

Doncaster Council is currently preparing to make changes to the road layout around the Marshgate and North Bridge Depot areas.

Elected mayor Peter Davies has also backed the proposals to open up the bridge particularly to boost the local economy and bring more people into the town centre.

He said: “I have advocated that North Bridge should be opened up to traffic for a long time now.

“In my view it was ludicrous that it was only ever used for buses.

“Doncaster town centre needs easy access to boost our economy and help our businesses.

“The area around Marshgate has tremendous potential to be transformed into a more attractive and thriving place and these plans will see this undervalued and underused area regenerated.”

Following the changes to the road lay-out, which includes a new traffic signalled junction, it is expected that North Bridge will be open to all outbound traffic from the end of October this year, a spokesman for Doncaster Council confirmed.