No hostel can Paris match it

Les Piaules trio and Damien
Les Piaules trio and Damien

Paris. City of love. City of lights. City of low cost accommodation!

Two out of three ain't bad, as some big boned balladeer once suggested.

Les Piaules interior

Les Piaules interior

Mais non, inexpensive roof over your head and bed for the night now exists in the shadow of La Tour Eiffel.

The economic stay, first of its kind designed by Parisians for foreigners, is thanks to three childhood mates.

The entrepreneurial trio, having spent 300-plus nights in hostels worldwide, have now unveiled their own "cool" version after checking out of successful consulting and finance careers.

Les Piaules is brainchild of Damien, Louis and Matthew. An art-deco 1930s building, centrally located in Boulevard of Belleville, is home to the dream that, four years on and thanks to a 100-strong team comprising carpenters, electricians, masons, graphic designers and architects, is now very much a reality.

The "made in France" unique pop art quality concept has since won Entrepreneurship Network plaudits. And many friends.

The building boasts a bar, open to all and offering artisan local produce, as well as 162-bed dorms and double rooms - complete with specially designed bunks - and roof-top bedrooms offering breathtaking views, Sacré Coeur et al.

The winning combo marks culmination of 250 tried and tested bar drinks (tough job but someone's gotta do it!), 3 tonnes of concrete, 3,500 metres of electric cables, 50 WiFi hotspots and even 150,000 lines of Whatsapp messages to decide detail down to colour of curtains.

With prices from from 90€ for 7 double rooms, 12 dormitories of 4 from 32€, 10 dorms of 6 from 28€ and 5 dormitories of 8 from as little as 25€ each, this is a new generation venture that will appeal to value for money visitors from far and wide.