Ninth crime fiction release by South Yorkshire writer

Former police inspector Michael Fowler turned crime author at his home in Swinton
Former police inspector Michael Fowler turned crime author at his home in Swinton

His years of work as a police inspector gave him fodder in plenty for a crime novel....but it wasn’t until his retirement 11 years ago that Michael Fowler first discovered his writer’s gift.

Nine crime fiction books later, and Michael has still not exhausted his bestselling book material. His latest offering is the aptly titled thriller ‘You’re Next’.

The multi-talented ex-copper says he loved his job bringing murderers and other felons to justice. He worked for thirty two years serving South Yorkshire police within a number of ranks including undercover work, before retiring as an inspector.

Michael has put all his hard-earned experience to good use in creating his successful Yorkshire-based detective DS Hunter Kerr series of books and his new DS Scarlett Macey series. Despite a career that depended on hard evidence, he does claim to have a highly active imagination.

In You’re Next, DS Scarlett Macey faces the battle of her life as a notorious rapist is freed when a trial against him collapses.

You’re Next is published in paperback and hardback by Caffeine Nights Publishing and is available now.

As an alternative occupation to writing, father-of-two Michael enjoys a hobby with a lighter aspect - putting paint rather than pen to paper:

“When I am not writing in my study I will be painting using either acrylics or oils. I am a landscape artist and am lucky enough to have had some gallery success. My paintings are usually the opposite of the dark crime fiction I write,” he said.

Michael’s first novel was Heart of the Demon, and four more quickly followed, with central character Det Sgt Hunter Kerr probing murders in the fictional town of Barnwell.

His plots twist and turn to tease the reader before revealing their satisfying conclusions.

Elements of cases he followed across South Yorkshire as a CID specialist in the seventies and eighties wend their way in to his fiction,

He recalls interviewing suspects during the major murder investigation that culminated in the arrest of Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe.

All part of why his books are enjoyed by fans all over the world and he has sold 40,000 plus of them to date.