Nigel Farage blasted over video portraying Doncaster as abandoned ghost town

Nigel Farage has been blasted over a Brexit Party campaign video portraying Doncaster as an abandoned ghost town.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 6th September 2019, 2:52 pm
Updated Friday, 6th September 2019, 2:52 pm

The politician addressed hundreds of Brexit Party supporters at Doncaster Racecourse on Wednesday night and called on Conservatives to step aside in the town so his party can defeat Labour, saying the party has abandoned its northern roots.

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But a video of parts of the speech has come under fire after being accompanied by footage of deserted streets, closed shops and seemingly town centre abandoned buildings.

The clip, released on Mr Farage’s own personal Twitter has been shared more than 2,400 times and was accompanied by the message: “The Labour Party thinks you are stupid and that they know better.

“It is now totally and utterly dominated from London. They represent the likes of Dalston, not Doncaster.”

However, he was blasted over the clip which was filmed in the Waterdale area and shows shuttered up shops, crumbling buildings and locked up premises.

Nigel Farage

Several people took to Twitter to attack Mr Farage.

One user @sopharnold wrote: “Really wish Nigel Farage would just leave Doncaster alone.”

Another ElNuevoOtroMio2 posted: “Farage *really* loves Doncaster and definitely doesn’t live in a paid-for-by-a-millionaire house in Mayfair and definitely wasn’t a City banker and definitely doesn’t kiss up to Donald Trump and would totally live in t’North if he could.”

@pokeparadox posted: “He represents the likes of himself, himself and his cronies, not Doncaster.”

Another user @edwardsnigelj wrote: “You only care about the people of Doncaster when you want their votes.”

And @Ellsbee wrote: “He doesn't know how to pronounce Doncaster and vid probably filmed on Sunday @ 7pm when everything shut anyway.

“Ppl in working class towns will be hit hardest by Nigel.”

However, the clip was also backed by some Twitter followers.

Mark Foster tweeted: “I was there in Doncaster. Once a stronghold for Labour. Not anymore. Welcome The Brexit Party to Doncaster. Our vote is waiting for you Nigel.”

Paul Lister added: “I was at the Conference in Doncaster and it was packed full of people, everyday people not the kind the left and MSM make out, just everyday people wanting our vote to leave and our Democracy saved.”

@MarkBluebuzz wrote: “Thank you for coming to my hometown of Doncaster, we get forgotten about up north.”

Diane Bowler said: “You and your prospective MPs in Doncaster last night were amazing.”