New mum and baby fitness class in Doncaster

From baby-wearing workouts to buggy-based classes, venturing back into the daunting world of exercise is now becoming easier for new mums.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 3:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 3:07 pm
BabyBeats Doncaster
BabyBeats Doncaster

And thanks to a new fitness based mum and baby class in the borough parents can enjoy getting in shape whilst spending quality time with their little ones.

BabyBeats launched in Doncaster just a few months ago but the classes have already developed quite a following with parents keen to workout without worrying about childcare.

BabyBeats Doncaster

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Whilst dusting off your gym bag after giving birth may sound like a nightmare this new exercise class provides the perfect environment to for mums to shed those post baby pounds whilst spending quality time with their bundle of joy.

The unique classes aim to enhance the bond between mother and baby using a combination of elements such as baby massage, baby yoga, sensory play, adult yoga, pilates and post natal fitness exercises to allow both mum and baby to get the most from each session.

Speaking about the sessions that take place at Nuffield Health Doncaster instructor Erin Blackburn said: “It can be daunting to think about exercise after having a baby and a lot of mums are nervous about it but our classes are so supportive and suitable for any level. You are surrounded be like minded mums and the classes are broken into so many different sections to make it more manageable.

“The classes are very much for mum and baby, whilst mums are exercising they are maintaining eye contact with baby and all the movement will be enjoyable for baby too.

Erin Blackburn of BabyBeats Doncaster

“Mums can feel isolated after having a baby but these classes are also a great way to make new friends. We all go to the cafe in Nuffield after the class to have a cuppa and a catch up so it’s a lovely bonding experience for mums too.”

And mums anxious about not following the routines to the letter need not worry as the informal environment means the class can be adapted to suit all.

Erin added: “"The classes are completely baby led, if  a mum needs to feed, change their baby or simply doesn’t want to take part in a certain section that’s absolutely fine and we encourage this. Mums can simply sit back have a cuddle with their baby and then join in when they can. Generally when I look around the room everyone is doing something slightly different based on what they feel comfortable with or what their baby needs at that particular time and that’s absolutely fine. It’s such a nice supportive group and everyone is there for each."

Erin has been running the classes in Wakefield for the past three years and started the Doncaster sessions in October of last year.

BabyBeats Doncaster

The fitness instructor loves her job but it does have one occupational hazard.

Erin said: “I really don’t like saying goodbye to the babies or the mums, I get quite attached to them.

“I do stay in touch with a lot of them though and a of the mums continue to meet up with each other after they have finished the sessions and they send me pictures from the meet ups which is lovely.

“It’s such a rewarding job though I love seeing new mums come in at the start saying how nervous they are and the see how their confidence has grown at the end of their journey and seeing what a positive experience they have had."

Doncaster mum Verity Moss said: “I’ve loved taking William to BabyBeats in Doncaster. We have both really enjoyed the exercises and the baby massage/cool down at the end. Erin is lovely and explains everything really well. Would definitely recommend to any new mums.”

Makai Engi Ágnes who has been coming along to the Doncaster class added: “We really enjoyed every minute of it. Erin is really lovely and supportive. Thank you for the experience.”

The classes are suitable from post six week check to fast crawling stage and are priced at £6 per class and must be booked in a block limited space.

BabyBeats is suitable from post six week check and uses exercises, moves and stimulating sensory play to enhance your babies development and your return to fitness after pregnancy and birth.

Erin also runs BabyBeats plus in Wakefield  suitable for babies from six months up to fast crawling and uses exercise, play, sensory games and trust movements to enhance your babies development and let them explore their bodies. Erin hopes to introduce this in Doncaster in the coming months.

The BabyBeats Doncaster Spring Term is now available to book priced at £30 for a five week block taking place Thursday's 1.15pm at Nuffield Health Doncaster from March 14 to April 11 inclusive.

To find out more email [email protected]