New mental health phoneline and support group opens up in Doncaster

A phone line to help support people in Doncaster with mental health, depression and anxiety issues has launched.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 19th July 2021, 11:22 am

The Unlock Your You group offers one to one help and support over the phone or email and will also offer meet-up sessions for people to discuss their problems.

Part of a growing nationwide network, trained volunteers will be on hand to give support and advice to those in need.

Co-ordinator Lisa-Ann Ross-McMann said: “We’re here to help people in Doncaster The service is open to absolutely anyone to discuss problems that are concerning them in a confidential setting.

The new phone line and support group will help people with mental health issues.

"Counsellors will be able to chat to people about stress, depression and anxiety issues they may be facing.”

As well as the phone line and email support, ‘walk and talk’ sessions and coffee mornings will also be held where people can come along and discuss their problems.

She said: “We want people to feel free and able to come along and maybe relax and have a chat. It is about bringing the community together and showing that people needn’t feel alone if they want to talk to someone.

"We will also respond and visit people if necessary,” she added. “If someone is at risk, we wil do what we can to help.”

The phone line will be open from 7am to midnight on weekdays and 8am to 11pm at weekends to offer support to those in need.

The telephone number is 01302 376400 or email [email protected]

More details are available on the group’s Facebook page HERE