New mag for SWAGs is a force to be reckoned with

Debi "Rose" Gregory shows us her profile on the online magazine SWAG written by wives and girlfriends of the troops. Picture: Andrew Roe
Debi "Rose" Gregory shows us her profile on the online magazine SWAG written by wives and girlfriends of the troops. Picture: Andrew Roe

NEws headlines regularly focus on the problems facing our military servicemen on the frontline but little is known about the everyday struggles of partners left behind.

So while their other halves are busy dealing with military assaults, a group of SWAGs - service wives and girlfriends - have fought their own battle to launch an online magazine telling their stories.

SWAGs Mag’s first online publication is now available to download featuring help and advice in a bid to bring all SWAGS together regardless of force or rank.

Doncaster SWAG and singer Debi Gregory - who performs as Rose The Forces Sweetheart - jumped at the chance of becoming part of the publication after seeing an advert about the magazine.

Debi, whose husband Steve, 33, has been in the Territorial Army (TA) for five years is now juggling her job as a writer, editor and fundraising co-ordinator for the publication along with her singing career performing to raise money for military charities.

Mum-of-two Debi, 23, of Meadow View, Askern, said: “Being a TA wife is slightly different as we don’t live at the barracks so we don’t really get chance to meet other TA wives and girlfriends.

“We have to spend long periods of time away from our partners which is very difficult.

“I was personally very keen to build up a support system through the magazine.

“I think there is this perception about army wives just sitting on their bum at home while their husbands are away, but that’s not the case and we wanted to show the rest of the world that we have as much soul and as much camaraderie as they do.

“We’ve had a lot of lovely feedback and so far 700 copies have been downloaded.”

Debi, who is currently planning fundraising events as well as looking after her two children, Elaina, four and two-year-old Julia, added: “I’m a keen historian and determined to bring the national pride of yesteryear to Great Britain.

“I’m also a novelist and passionate about advising others on how to enrich their lives by doing thorough research into any problem that is thrown my way.

“I’m looking forward to working on this magazine and making it a huge success.”

And it seems the magazine is firing on all cylinders getting rave reviews from supporters including British Touring Car Champion Matt Neal who said: “I wish everyone at SWAG’s magazine the fondest of wishes, being there for the very people the rest of us rely on and admire.”

Download the online publication at