New Hendo’s film featuring Sheffield actor is one to relish

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Sheffield institution Henderson’s Relish is to go from the dinner table to the silver screen.

While the city may no longer be steel capital of the world and the words ‘Made in Sheffield’ are no longer stamped on knives and forks around the globe, the condiment remains a culinary obsession.

And now the story of Sheffield’s culinary secret is to be aired for the first time.

Sheffield-born actor Ian Reddington has produced and narrated Relish, a new documentary on the story of a Sheffield mealtime institution.

He is joined by some of the best known faces in Sheffield – everybody from comedy favourite Bobby Knutt to former Home Secretary David Blunkett as well as musicians Richard Hawley, Paul Carrack, Heaven 17 and artist Pete McKee – as they explain their devotion to a condiment that is made only in Sheffield.

For the first time the Freeman family - owners of Henderson’s Relish – allowed cameras into their Sheffield factory.

Although not so closely that you’ll be able to work out the secret recipe that for more than a hundred years has made Henderson’s an essential part of the Sheffield dinner.

Relish, directed by Aaron Rogers, has been selected from thousands of entries to receive its world premiere at the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival on June 6 and 8.

“We have made Henderson’s Relish represent Sheffield,” said former Coronation Street star Ian, himself a lifelong Hendo’s devotee.

“For some reason this little bottle defines us. I found that very strange and I wanted to try and work out why.”

Comic Bobby said: “You can have all that other stuff with the similar label – but it isn’t a patch on this!”