New ‘Dearne Approach’

THE challenges of balancing budget cuts with providing services in the Dearne have led Barnsley Council to launch a new initiative.

The Dearne Approach is all about how the Council, elected members and private firm Turning Point will keep residents and traders informed about what is happening and where they can get help, while linking service providers together.

The public information programme (PIP) is to promote better understanding, and if it works well, may lead to a new community enterprise to work towards increasing job opportunities in Goldthorpe and its surrounding towns.

Within the Dearne Approach, local people should be asked about what they consider to be the priorities for their area, and to look at how these can best be delivered within a partnership of agencies.

An initial meeting took place last week about the scheme, that is linked in to Barnsley’s Big Conversation – working out how best to ensure future service provision gets the best value from limited resources.

Leaflets and posters will be delivered throughout the community soon, and a programme of events organised.

Coun Sharron Brook said: “This is all about making the most of depleted budgets as the Council faces yet more cuts that will affect services.”