New crackdown on speeding in Doncaster

Police are looking to step up the battle against speeding motorists in villages in the east of Doncaster.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 9:36 am
P.C.S.O. Leanne Dobinson operates a speed gun
P.C.S.O. Leanne Dobinson operates a speed gun

Constables will be trained up on the use of speed detection equipment in the Doncaster East neighbourhood policing area - meaning they will be able to stop offending drivers and issue fines.

Previously, the equipment has been operated by community support officers, who do not have the powers to stop motorists and issue fines.

The officers will operate on roads where the issue of speeding is not currently being addressed by the South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership, which operates speed cameras across South Yorkshire. They will be in areas that do not meet the threshold for the partnership's cameras.

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Insp Mark Payling, neighbourhood inspector for Doncaster East, confirmed the move was in the pipeline.

He said: "There are areas that the partnership cannot justify going to, as they're not regarded as community hotspots. But we have community concern sites, where we currently deploy PCSOs.

"We are trying to get training sorted out for police officers on the speeding enforcement equipment. It would mean motorists could find themselves in a position where officers direct them to stop, and issue them with a ticket, fine and three points.

"The specialist traffic officers have a lot of other things that they may be dealing with, and what we are looking at doing is responding to a community need.

"If people start getting tickets then we think they will start to think twice, and will slow down, causing the cars behind them to slow down as well."

It is one of a number of traffic related issues in the Doncaster East area at present.

And it is not just cars that are involved.

There are plans to run crackdowns on illegal bikers in the area, with plans to buy another of the off-road bikes which police are currently using to help stop and catch the rogue motorcyclists and quad bikers.

More officers are also being trained up to use them, which will take the total to seven.

Neighbourhood officers are aware of quad bikes being an issue in Thorne and Rossington, as well as outer villages such as Bawtry, Tickhill and Stainton.

They are concerned about the bikers riding on farm land, damaging property and causing significant harm to crops.

An operation had been scheduled to take place earlier this month, but was postponed because of snow.

However several crackdowns have now been planned between now and July, although officers will not be revealing when they will take place.

More traffic related problems are being targeted by officers in Hatfield, where officers are warning that they will be taking action over people illegally using a bridleway near Quarry Park, in Hatfield.

Doncaster Council closed the car park, next to St Mary's Road, after it emerged it could only be accessed by using a bridleway, which cars are not legally allowed to use.

Insp Payling said: "We're aware that that is a bridleway, and we're asking people not to park there."

He said so far 15 people had received letters from police and warned over parking on the site. and he was aware of repeat offenders. Offenders could face being taken to court, he added.


Police are warning of a number of recent mini-crime waves across the Donaster East neighbourhood. They have included:

# A spate of car break-ins in Thorne and Moorends. A few weeks ago, they were seeing around eight a week, although it it has dropped to around three.

Officers say they are making inquiries around potential suspects.

Police also say they have seen a two or three car break-ins around Stainforth over the last few weeks.

# An operation to tackle burglaries in planned in Armthorpe after a number of raids on properties and sheds in the village.

Officers say they have seen a rise in the number of raids in the last two months, although the number of commercial shop break-ins has fallen after a spike around Christmas.

# Rossington has seen a spate of break-ins over a two week period, with four or five reported in the last couple of weeks. Officers are investigating the incidents.

Antisocial behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is being targeted in Rossington after concerns were raised about groups gathering at King Avenue.

Some youths have already been given acceptable behaviour contracts because of the issue in the area, which has seen complaints about shouting, abusive behaviour, and problems near the shops.

Insp Mark Payling said: "There are number of people who have been spoken to and patrols have been increased there.

"If people had already been warning about their behaviour, we'd be looking at taking action through the courts.