New course launched to help cancer patients and survivors

A NEW course is to be launched to help cancer patients and survivors in the Dearne Valley.

The Self Management to Improve Life Experience (SMILE) course will be launched at Barnsley Hospital next month.

The six week rolling programme aims to enable cancer survivors to regain normality and to empower them to self manage their health and healthcare needs.

Katie Hopkins, cancer information manager who will be delivering the programme, said: “In 2011 we sat down with cancer patients and survivors in Barnsley and asked them if there are any gaps in support and advice during, or after, their treatment for cancer and what they think we should cover in the course.

“Many of the areas the patients and survivors identified are not obviously health related but can have an overall impact on someone’s wellbeing such as information on benefits or advice on beauty therapies to address some of the side effects of chemotherapy.”

Patients and survivors can attend the course, which covers topics such as how to cope with fatigue and stress and improve sleep patterns, general exercise, coping strategies, benefits and welfare advice, communication with family, friends and professionals, healthy eating and complementary and beauty therapies.

The first course will begin on Monday, February 20, at The Core, County Way, Barnsley.

For further information about the course, or to book a place, contact Alison Spencer on 01226 433979.