New chance of life for Larney at Isle sanctuary

A dog that suffered extreme cruelty before being dumped on the street has been saved from ‘death row’ by an Isle woman.

Thursday, 1st January 2015, 12:30 pm

The 15-month-old boxer cross is being gently nursed back to health and her confidence restored by dog lover Caroline Morrell of The Isle Rescue in West Stockwith.

Because of the paralysing fear experienced by the dog named Larney by Caroline, and the painstaking care she will need to get over her early ordeal, a Facebook appeal was launched by the Liverpool dog pound in which she was placed by dog wardens.

Caroline, 33, answered the appeal and brought Larney home four weeks ago. Her infinite patience with her new dog is slowly paying off and she hopes to find her a forever home within the next few weeks.

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“Larney was utterly petrified when I first picked her up,” said Caroline. “I don’t know her history but she had clearly been severely beaten and kicked. She was also terrified of other dogs and would move only by belly shuffling. If anyone went near her she would wee with fear.”

But effort and patience has transformed the young boxer, as she learns to trust and to play for the first time, added the rescue worker.

“Larney doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and if we could find the perfect home for her we would be thrilled. She could cope with older children and will need quite an active lifestyle,” said Caroline.

“She had an appalling start to life but once dogs realise they are in no danger, they do come round quite quickly.”

Along with Caroline, Larney has formed a close bond with kennel worker Sarah Drury, who is also helping her to conquer her fears.

“She will be ready soon to move to a new home but we will make sure that the time is right before we let her go,” said Caroline.

The rescue vaccinates and micro-chips its dogs and cats before they leave its care, and home checks are carried out by staff to make sure their charges are in the best place.

To find out more about the work of Isle Rescue and the animals it caters for see page 10, where a further sample of dogs and cats seeking new owners are featured.

Anyone who thinks they may be able to offer Larney a loving and permanent home to suit her particular needs should get in touch with Caroline. She can be contacted at [email protected] address.