Near fatality on Isle road sparks call for reduction in speed

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A call for a stretch of road leading out from Epworth to Sandtoft to have its speed limit reduced, is to be made by Epworth town council.

Coun Don Stewart brought the matter to the attention of fellow councillors at this month’s meeting, following a recent incident that he witnessed on West End Road.

Coun Stewart said: “A young man was almost killed on this road in the recent past. Traffic is travelling along it at a very high speed.”

He added: “The road is in excellent condition but unfortunately the problem is the speed with which people go on it. There is also a part where stones are encroaching on to the road, that is another accident waiting to happen.”

Coun Ros Whittaker said it would be sensible to have a speed restriction placed on the road before someone gets killed.

“It would also make it easier for motorists to drop to 30mph when they reach the top of West End Road,” she added.

Coun Stewart said: “We nearly had a fatal accident. People go too fast the whole length of the road, including where cars are turning in and out of driveways. There are about 200 cars using it in the early morning.”

A vote on approaching North Lincolnshire Council with a view to reducing the speed limit to below 60mph was agreed by six votes to three, with one abstention.

The long-standing issue of the re-surfacing of Turbary Road was again raised at town council.

Councillors agreed unanimously to ask to meet with North Lincolnshire Council following a letter from the Director of Places who indicated the council was ready to work ‘constructively’ with the town council on this.

More information about the suitability of a geo-textile surface for the road is to be explored, along with detailed information about the potential cost of such a surface.