Mystery surrounds sudden closure of Doncaster Trades ClubÂ

Doncaster Trades and Labour ClubDoncaster Trades and Labour Club
Doncaster Trades and Labour Club
Doncaster Trades and Labour Club has suddenly closed leaving both customers and members shocked, angry and out of pocket.Â

The Club, which moved from St Sepulchre Gate West to the Frenchgate Centre in 2008, closed on Sunday, notifying customers on social media just hours before they shut their doors for the last time.

In a post, on Facebook, the owners of Doncaster Trades Club said: ' Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the Doncaster Trades club over the years but unfortunately at half 11 tonight will be the last time ours doors will be open.

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"A huge thank you to the staff for covering all the hours when we were in desperate need, to all the members who came in regularly, a big thank you to all the committee and Paul and Chris and everyone who has enjoyed their time within our premises.

'There has been so many memories made within these walls and it is such a shame it has had to come to an end. Thank you!'

 Members of the club also say they were given no notice of the closure until it had gone.

Devastated customers, many of whom had existing bookings at the club, were told that functions could no longer go ahead but there was no mention as to whether they would get their money back. 

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Rob Burns said: 'You say you only knew this Friday when in fact I was told a month a go that the Trades was closing and due to high rent and poor usage, Good luck to those who have lost their jobs in finding something else.'

However, Doncaster Trades replied: 'There have been rumours going round for years that the Doncaster trades was going to shut. It was officially confirmed this Friday that we had to close for business, there is no reason to trick or deceive anyone about this information.'

They also told another club user that someone would be in touch with how to get their money back.

Other customers shared fond memories of the club, which was set up and funded by trade unionists and Labour Party members.

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Susan Elizabeth Barlow said: 'Absolutely devastated, got no warning when in club on Friday will miss all the lovely people I made friends with on Tuesday afternoons and Fridays such a shame.'

Eileen Horwood said: 'So very sad, my friends and I enjoyed many happy times there and I made lots of lovely friends through going there, I organised a 'back to the 60's' music night for 21 months which everyone seemed to enjoy. Thinking about all the lovely staff that worked there, sending you all my best wishes & hope things get better for you.'

Doncaster Frenchgate say they can't comment on the matter at this time, as they are still unsure what is happening with the venue. 




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