My View, Bill Morrison: Was there too much Olympics on TV?

Well, coffee time was a mixture of views and comments. The Olympics took precedence and all agreed that our achievements were praiseworthy '“ but did we need so many TV channels overrun with Olympic coverage?

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 23rd August 2016, 11:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd August 2016, 2:59 pm
Mo Farah and Usain Bolt at the Olympics. Picture: Steven Lewarne
Mo Farah and Usain Bolt at the Olympics. Picture: Steven Lewarne

Why the need for main channel disruption on a biblical scale.

Not everyone is drawn to such activity.

The reason for our discomfort was due to the boss ladies’ constant moaning about the grass growing, paint flaking and so on.

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And all this was happening because of the Olympics and our desire to watch.

All of these complaints were of course greatly exaggerated but it shows how selfish some people can be.

I for one didn’t grumble when we had two weeks of Andy and tennis and I had to spend so much time at the local hostelry seeking good company and conversation.

Christmas is coming and the consensus was that it is starting much too soon.

Already we are seeing stores setting out their stall in readiness.

Cards appearing on the shelves and films and so on, on telly.

All leading to what becomes something of an anti-climax.

November following Remembrance Day is soon enough to start with the tinsel and turkey, in the oldie view . This would be better to sustain the excitement of it, especially for the children who must get fed up waiting for it.

I certainly know I do.

Why are our biscuits getting smaller?

We seem to be getting less and less but it is costing more and more.

Pink wafers are a good example alongside Wagon Wheels and Penguins and you can no doubt add lots more.

Chocolate bars are the same. Take a good look at a Mars bar – you may need specs for this.

The oldies decided that for one month we will not buy biscuits or chocolate bars.

That will teach them to mess with the grey brigade.

No doubt some of us will cheat and the makers of these delights know it and so don’t care.

Adding insult to injury they want to sugar tax us now as well.

No doubt it will be passed on either in increased cost or another reduction in size to compensate and this in spite of the fact it is not supposed to be a tax on you and me but a tax to encourage manufacturers to be more mindful of health issues surrounding obesity.

I always thought kids’ diet was the responsibilty of parents not the tax man – and no doubt those parents will complain when the tax is passed on.

Makes you almost grateful for the nanny state.