My View, Bill Morrison: Time to create a St George's Day holiday

What about that budget? A tax on sugar. Surely it's not the responsibility of the state to tell us what we should already know.
Scouts march through Doncaster on their St Georges Day ParadeScouts march through Doncaster on their St Georges Day Parade
Scouts march through Doncaster on their St Georges Day Parade

Too much sugar is not good for us, but we know that, don’t we? Reducing sugar levels with children is simple.

Parents, wake up to the reality of what you are doing.

If we want to change the manufacturers’ approach then let’s do it at the supermarket till. Refuse to buy drinks with a high sugar content, there are low-sugar or no-sugar options available.

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Don’t allow manufacturers to condemn our children to a lifetime of health problems simply based on profit.

They tell us it will take two, three or more years to make the changes. What a nonsense. So come on Mr Fizzy drink get real and reduce that sugar, hit the button or suffer a drop in sales and profits.

Now back to George Osborne and his disability agenda. I will risk a lynching but I know and you possibly know people claiming disability benefit who are well capable of work.

I am not suggesting they can dig holes and build roads but those I know could do a lot more than sit at home spending my hard-earned taxes.

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The system needs updating I agree, but a more gentle, more sensitive approach is needed. Not every claimant is on the make. It will take more than one parliament to adjust and create a fair and reasonable disability benefits system, but it has to happen. The abusers need weeding out to ensure the genuine are getting the help they deserve.

Get a grip, George, and face the reality of life. Remember the old adage “softly softly catchee monkey”, or in this instance the benefit abuser.

On another subject, very soon we will have St George’s Day and the Queens 90th birthday and what are we doing about all that?

Being a patriot is not very popular in modern-day Britian.

Do we ever really celebrate St George’s day.

The Scots, Welsh and Irish acknowledge their patron saint, so why don’t we? I believe it should be a national holiday and Scotland and Wales should have a holiday on their day just like my friends in Ireland on March 17.

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All over the world Paddy’s day is a reason to celebrate. Every true Englishman should be demanding the right to a national day of celebration for St George.

I wonder how many of those who have “adopted” our country as their home would join in to show solidarity and a desire to integrate?

Organise a street party and celebrate our longest- serving monarch’s birthday.

She’s 90 and still working for Britain.

Now that’s inspiring, whatever your view.