My View, Bill Morrison: How long until we have a safe world?

Coffee time and great debates are taking place.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 9:12 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 9:14 am
The horror of the trenches in the Great War1914-18. World War One
The horror of the trenches in the Great War1914-18. World War One

First on the agenda was do we believe that religion cause wars? Well, the general consensus was that no it doesn’t, it’s people’s interpretation of a teaching that is the problem.

Something written hundreds of years ago cannot be seen in the same way in the modern world of today as it was then. We must search for the true meaning of the writer’s words and the intent behind them. Our beliefs are not light years apart but sometimes how we react and live by them can be.

All religions – as far as I know – tells us to be tolerant, be kind and supportive of our neighbours, to be protective towards those less able, such as children and those who are ill.

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If we become over-protective and believe that our way is the only way we start to sow the seeds of resentment which can quickly turn to hatred and war. Almost no-one wants this.

We can change that perception only when all religions stand together and say ‘no more killing and maiming in the name of my God’ and show we can live side by side in peace and understanding.

How long do we have to wait for common sense to prevail and our children live in a safe and friendly world?

The next item was our old friend the NHS. One individual stood outside her surgery at 8.30am, phoned for an appointment only to be told at 8.32am there were no appointments for that day.

Really? In she walked, again asked to see the doctor and – hey presto! – a slot at 10.30am was available and it was still only 8.33am.

Now I can’t help wondering if we were paying to see the doctor, as has been suggested in the past, would we still have a problem? I don’t think so.

I suspect staff would be employed to cold call us at silly o’clock to make sure you are OK and tell us the doctor will always be pleased to see you.

Perhaps even discounts offered if you contract for three or more visits per year...of course you would have to pay by direct debit.

Now let’s look at the new street lights, that is if they are bright enough to see.

Cost-cutting again, saving money they cry, it’s not our fault. So desperate are they to install the blasted things they have taken to working weekends to ensure we are all left in the dark as quickly as possible.

I even saw one stuck in the middle of a tree this morning. Some good that will be.

Do they not know that street lights in trees are only good for the birds? A bit like the runway lights at Robin Hood airport that assist the pilot find the floor.

I understand these lights can be turned up. Well, may I suggest someone shows the lamplighter where the wee switch is.