Mums and dads can build bonds with kids

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PARENTS in the Isle with children are invited to take part in a parenting course to help them improve their relationships with them.

Children and young people’s mental health services (CAMHS) professionals have started a training programme to help parents highlight attachment issues in their families.

The course is about promoting positive relationships with children through improved parenting.

It will involve practical sessions and interactive workshops using DVDs so parents can discuss what is happening in different topics and scenarios.

Groups of parents will be able to answer each other’s questions and chip in with their own experiences.

The sessions are being run by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust (RDaSH).

A spokesman said: “One example from the DVD on parenting techniques would be a young girl having her hair brushed by her mother.

“The girl is uncomfortable as the brushing is hurting her a bit. The DVD is stopped and parents can discuss different ways of making the experience better.

“One idea could be to turn the process into a game which the girl then enjoys, there are no tears, and the relationship between child and parent is improved”.

Dr Annette Schlosser, chartered clinical psychologist for RDaSH, said: “We believe that through this universal, preventative provision we may be able to stop attachment problems escalating for families.

“After a year of intervention from CAMHS specialists we are hoping that health visitors will maintain the programme as a core activity.”

The next parenting groups will be starting in Scunthorpe in the middle of January.

All interested parents with children under the age of five are encouraged to ask their health visitors about the programme.

Isle parents can attend the sessions in Scunthorpe and the spokesman added it was hoped classes would also be held in Epworth in the near future.