Mum’s twins joy

A WOMAN is celebrating becoming a mum to twins and it’s all thanks to her cousin.

Kind-hearted Amy Bellamy of Rawmarsh agreed to become a surrogate for her cousin Jane Kassim, who could not become a mum because she was born without a womb.

Jane, aged 30, a council worker who lives with husband Adis in Rotherham, said: “It’s all I dreamed of and more.

“I can’t thank Amy enough for what she has done for us.”

Amy was in and out of hospital in the two weeks before she gave birth by Caesarean section at Rotherham Hospital, but insisted it had all been worthwhile.

Isla Jane and Ivy May weighed in at 5lb 4oz and 4lb 7oz respectively.

Amy, 26, said: “Every ache and pain has been worth it to give Jane and Adis what they wanted - their own family.”

Amy had one of Jane’s fertilised eggs implanted in her womb and delighted Jane was with Amy every step of the way.

Jane said: “I held them straight away and it just felt fantastic, the best feeling ever.

“I don’t think until I held them I actually believed it was going to happen. It’s amazing to have got them home.”

Jane decided on Ivy’s middle name of May - an anagram of Amy - to pay tribute to her cousin..