Mum reveals horror at attempted child abduction in Doncaster town centre

A mum has spoken of her horror after a man grabbed her three-year-old son in Doncaster town centre, kissed him and said he's 'mine'.

The 28-year-old woman said she had to physically fight to get her son back from the stranger and was petrified he was going to get abducted.

A woman claims a man attempted to abduct her son in Doncaster town centre

A woman claims a man attempted to abduct her son in Doncaster town centre

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She said she had been walking slightly in front of her son when the incident happened on Saturday, January 26.

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When she turned to tell the youngster to catch up, she claimed a man in a white tracksuit stepped in between her and her son and grabbed him before kissing him on his cheek and telling the scared mum he was 'mine'.

She grappled with the man to get her son back.

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Speaking about terrifying the incident, she said: "This awful man tried to hold *** tighter but I pulled him and just started shouting so loudly until eventually he gave him back to me.

"*** was frozen in fear when I finally got hold of him - it was awful."

She is warning other parents to be vigilant.

She added: "This has really affected ***  - he used to be sociable and boisterous but now he's much quieter and prefers to sit with his head down.

"He freezes anytime someone he doesn’t know walks too close or walks past my window."

She said she was confused when her son was first picked up by the stranger.

She said: “At first I thought the man was a friend of mine when he kissed ***’s face but as soon as I heard him say ‘mine’ I knew he had been grabbed by a complete stranger.

“I tried to get *** and pull him back. Three men walked past but no one stopped to help but I don’t think they realised what was going on.

“My son was passed to my friend who I was with and he sat in the buggy frozen in shock and the guy's mate appeared and they walked off smiling.

“I tried to talk to ***  to let him know he was ok and I'd never let anyone take him but he doesn't want to talk about it.”

The incident at the Flying Scotsman Health Centre in Doncaster and has since been reported to South Yorkshire Police.

The force has not yet issued a statement.