MP urges caution over plans to build homes on low land

DON Valley MP Caroline Flint has urged planning chiefs to ‘carefully consider’ plans to build on low lying land in Conisbrough following recent flooding.

The wish comes after it was announced that Doncaster Council is planning to use land to build 18,450 new homes and developments in the hope of creating 36,000 new jobs across the area by 2028.

But with areas in Conisbrough having suffered flooding in recent years Ms Flint wants council planners to be cautious.

She has made a detailed submission to as the council reviews sites.

She stresses that: “Careful consideration should be made before any permission to build housing on very low lying land in Conisbrough, after recent developments experienced flooding.”

Ms Flint is also concerned that some small villages struggle to support local shops and cannot find homes for young couples.

In her submission to the council, she said: “Some small outlying villages and settlements desperately need some new affordable housing.”

Ms Flint visited a number of exhibitions across her Don Valley constituency which showed the council’s housing and jobs plan for the coming years.

She said: “Doncaster needs to grow, and jobs and homes must go hand in hand. Our borough needs space for hundreds of new firms if Doncaster is going to bring the jobs of the future.

“Four hundred hectares are needed for industry and manufacturing as well as space for new offices to locate. This consultation shows that Doncaster can be a great place to locate close to major railways and ports, with an airport on our doorstep and high speed broadband for businesses.

“If this is well planned, we can make this borough one of the North‘s major economic centres of the next century.”