MP slams Tory tariff cuts

DON Valley MP Caroline Flint has slammed the government for slashing Feed-in Tariffs.

Labour’s Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary believes cuts to the tariffs, money paid to people who install solar panels and sell electricity back to the grid, is a further blow to jobs in Doncaster.

She has now written to the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Gregory Barker, highlighting her concerns.

She said: “Over 1,100 homes in Doncaster have installed solar panels; with many more orders placed.

“There are hundreds of jobs in South Yorkshire supplying and installing solar panels; jobs that may be on the line after these cuts.

“It is another blow to the building industry; and a blow to every family who wanted to do the right thing by installing solar.”

In the letter to Mr Barker, she wrote Tory policy is “leaving thousands of skilled workers at risk of losing their jobs.”