MP’s objection to traveller site

A travellers site.
A travellers site.

A DEARNE MP has urged Barnsley Council to re-think its proposal for a travellers’ site at Darfield.

Michael Dugher, MP for Barnsley East, has formally handed in his submission to Barnsley Council’s consultation process regarding the issue.

Feeling among local residents is strongly against the plan and Michael has been inundated by people making protest. Over 300 people attended a public meeting on September 15 to voice their anger.

Michael claims that the proposed site as it does not fit the necessary criteria or meet Government guidelines.

He said: “It is clear that it’s not an appropriate location for a travellers’ site. Not only is it some way off reaching the necessary criteria, it also doesn’t’ meet Government guidelines on permanent traveller sites. The land is located away from local services and it could be unsafe.

“The site would also encroach on to land that forms a natural green belt between Ardsley and Darfield.

“The message from residents and councillors is loud and clear and it is time for the council to think again about its proposal for this travellers’ site in Darfield.”