MP’s fears over future fire service cuts

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A Dearne MP has raised concern over the potential impact of planned fire service cuts in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are facing cuts in cash terms of £10.4 million by 2015/16 with further cuts up to £12.2 million by 2016/17. This is the equivalent of 20 per cent of their total budget.

Barnsley East MP Michael Dugher fears the future level of service to be provided to people in Barnsley and South Yorkshire will suffer.

He said: “The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are facing a 20 per cent cut in their total budget by 2017; any organisation facing budget cuts of this scale would struggle to provide the same level of service they previously did.

“It’s very concerning; cuts of this size are going to affect the frontline service provided. This is a time central service and these cuts are likely to have an impact on the speed of appliances.

“It is important that everything possible is done minimise the impact on the public.”