MP joins life-saving trainees in Doncaster

Students at Balby Carr were joined by Rosie Winterton MP for some CPR training
Students at Balby Carr were joined by Rosie Winterton MP for some CPR training

Two students at Balby Carr Community Academy have already saved lives using CPR training, and now thousands more have received vital training in case they need to follow suit.

Doncaster MP Rosie Winterton joined trainees during Restart a Heart Day, a Europe-wide initiative that saw Yorkshire Ambulance Trust staff and volunteers visit 89 secondary schools across the county to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Balby students Charlie Baird and Tom Heath showed just how important such training is when they literally saved lives using it during emergencies involving a six-year old girl in a swimming pool, and an unconscious man on the pavement.

Six volunteers led training at Balby Carr using 35 mini mannequins that were donated by the British Heart Foundation. Ms Winterton got involved with the training and praised the work of the ambulance service in educating both young people and adults in first aid.

Those who attended learned how over 30,000 people suffer cardiac arrests outside of hospital in the UK every year. If a bystander is able to start CPR immediately, before the arrival of an ambulance, the patient’s chances of survival double.

More than 15,000 youngsters joined in sessions across Yorkshire to arm themselves with the simple skills that save lives. Four hundred teaching volunteers included community first responders with staff from Doncaster Royal Infirmary, the Sheffield-based Embrace paediatric transport service, Humberside Fire and Rescue service, and Barnsley Hospital, among others.