MP for Barnsley East backs leading cancer charity

Michael Dugher MP
Michael Dugher MP

Campaigning MP for Barnsley East, Michael Dugher, has pledged his support for a leading cancer charity.

The charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, has launched the ‘Lives Depend On It’ campaign to call on all political parties to prioritise cancer care and improve cancer outcomes.

According to the charity, around 6,500 people across Barnsley are receiving cancer support, but a recent study by the charity found that UK survival rates are amongst the worst in Europe.

Mr Dugher said: “Cancer is a terrible disease that continues to blight the lives of so many in Barnsley and across the UK. The fact that 6,500 people in Barnsley alone are receiving cancer care brings home just how many lives are affected by it each year.

“All politicians, no matter what political party, should commit themselves fully to helping to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families by supporting the vital hard work of charities such as Macmillan. The levels of care in the UK currently lag behind the high standards set in Europe.

“With the help of charities like Macmillan we can aim to take the lead and set the standard. That is why I am backing this campaign.”