MP Caroline says no to AV system

MP Caroline Flint
MP Caroline Flint

DONCASTER MP Caroline Flint is leading the local fight against the AV voting system.

Ms Flint led a group of Yorkshire and Humber Labour MPs who launched the regional No to AV campaign in Leeds.

Rosie Winterton, the Doncaster Central MP a has already indicated that she will be voting no to the new system in the forthcoming referendum.

But Doncaster North MP and Labour leader Ed Miliband supports a change in the way the UK votes saying he believeds introducing AV could lead to a change inn the culture of British politics.

Currently, MPs are elected using a “first past the post” system.

AV requires voters to rank candidates in order of preference and candidates are eliminated round by round with second preference votes being transferred until one has the necessary 50 per cent of votes to secure election.

The AV - alternative vote - system has been used in Doncaster since the introduction of the mayoral system in 2001.

The referendum is being held on May 5 alongside local elections.

The system enabled English Democrat Peter Davies to to be elected as mayor of Doncaster in a shock result.