MP calls for action to help those facing huge bills

WENTWORTH and Dearne MP John Healey has called on the government to do more to help families and older people facing rocketing energy bills.

Speaking in a debate on energy prices in the House of Commons last week, he said: “This is a system that requires much clearer and fairer pricing and regulation for consumers.

“The regulator, energy companies and, above all, the Government are failing consumers across the country.

“For many, high prices mean a choice between eating and heating and, in some cases, a choice between life and death, particularly in a harsh winter.”

Mr Healey said the government were letting consumers down by allowing energy bills to go up 20% in the past year and that they were “out of touch” when they said the answer to high prices was for people to shop around more.

He said the system penalised the poorest and low users of energy while benefiting the better-off and higher users.

The MP added: “Every time a family in this country switches on the heating or the lights, the government are letting them down – and those with the lowest incomes and poorest households are being let down the most.

“If people are not online, if they are on pre-payment meters, if they do not have full bank accounts, and if they are unfortunate enough to call the one in three energy company advisers who do not give accurate information about their charges, they are simply not able to shop around.”