'Missing person' search in Doncaster park sparks fears among local residents

A ‘missing person’ search in a popular Doncaster park sparked fears after nearby residents spotted hi-viz vest wearing rescue crews wading through undergrowth with torches.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 10th March 2022, 12:07 pm

Residents raised concern on social media after spotting a group of people searching in Sandall Park last night.

But the search was actually part of a training exercise by a search and rescue team – and organisers have moved to reassure residents that no-one was misisng.

Andrew Peace, a spokesman for the Lowland Rescue training team said: “It was part of the training that we do.

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The search in Sandall Park was a training exercise.

“We train constantly over different terrain and run various scenarios that we encounter when assisting the police with missing persons.

"We also have a flood response team that helps with situations like the Fishlake floods.”

The exercise had been pre-announced with the message: “You may see a lot of activity around the park and search teams around the area but do not worry, it is only a training exercise on this occasion.”