Missing Boy Sighted in London

MISSING teenager Andrew Gosden has been spotted in the South Bank area of London, his father said today.

Andrew, 14, failed to go to school on Friday and was then spotted getting on a train to the capital.

Today his father Kevin said there had been several sightings of his son in an area of the capital that he knows well.

"He's safe and well. I am hoping it is just a waiting game now," said Kevin Gosden of Littlemoor Lane, Balby.

Andrew had around 300 with him - some of which he appears to have spent on warmer clothes - and Mr Gosden is hoping that once his money runs out Andrew will return home.

Andrew was spotted in Pizza Hut on Oxford Street on Monday, sleeping in a park in Southwark the following day and getting off a local train in the Waterloo area this morning.

Andrew's mum Glenys and sister Charlotte are in London - where they have family and friends - looking for Andrew.

Andrew's disappearance is still mystifying his parents. Mr Gosden said: "He's the kind of boy who leavves you a note if he goes to the corner shop."

One theory was that Andrew, a gifted student, had decided to take in some of the museums in London.

Mr Gosden praised the police for their help and support since Andrew went missing.