Missing ballot paper fury

Ballot box
Ballot box

HUNDREDS of Doncaster voters may be without polling cards as they head out to vote today.

Polls opened this morning for residents to vote in the borough elections as well as in the mayoral referendum.

Doncaster Council has moved to assure voters that they do not need a polling card to vote.

A spokeswoman for the authority admitted that some cards had not arrived and a number of voters did ‘slip through the net’.

The council was unable to provide an explanation as to why cards had not arrived or why 600 postal vote papers had to be reissued yesterday.

Furious Rossington resident Eddie Jones, 58, of Queen Mary’s Road, said: “I’m disgusted about it. Though people can vote without a card, it will lead to a lower turnout.

“Both the elections and the mayoral referendum are important decisions and fewer people are likely to go out and vote.”

Neil O’Loughlin, of Boulton Drive in Old Cantley, described the process as a ‘shambles’. He has also criticised the council for not being stricter about ID at polling stations, given the fact that a number of residents do not have polling cards.

He said: “The process is going to end up with a result which is irregular and anti-democratic.”

Doncaster Council has issued the following advice to those heading to the polling stations:

All you need to do is go to your usual polling station and you will be issued with a ballot paper in the normal way, provided you are already on the Register of Electors.

In the vast majority of cases the polling stations remain unchanged from last year, although we have had to make changes in a very few cases.

Visit www.doncaster.gov.uk/elections for a full list of polling stations.

If you have any difficulties locating your polling station, or have any other queries, call 01302 734658 or 734685.

Are you voting today? Have you suffered similar problems? Let us know on editorial@doncastertoday.co.uk.