Mini swimmer from Doncaster makes a really big splash

A visually impaired Doncaster couple have their own water baby who at the age of one has taken like a duck to water.

(From left) Becky King, Madi Mace; Puddle Ducks teacher, Marve and Coby King
(From left) Becky King, Madi Mace; Puddle Ducks teacher, Marve and Coby King

Since Coby King was born, he has been attending weekly swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks Doncaster, at Coppice School in Hatfield, alongside his visually impaired parents, Marve and Becky.

It was really important to the couple to ensure that little Coby was able to swim, as they knew what a valuable life-long skill it is.

Both Marve and Becky have the full support of Coby's swimming teacher, Nicola Codd, who talks them through in detail what is happening during the class and what they need to do. Nicola also makes sure they know when Coby is smiling and really enjoying himself.

 Marve is very aware that many children aren't able to swim and he feels it is so important, he explained: 'Both Becky and I felt that Coby should be able to swim, which will help keep him safe around water, both now and in the future. It's so inclusive at Puddle Ducks, we are part of the group with other parents and as a dad it's a really enjoyable activity which I can enjoy alongside my son.'

Becky said: 'Puddle Ducks has been wonderful; everyone welcomed us to the group from day one. Coby's swimming lessons are the highlight of our week; they allow us to spend valuable time together as a family having fun, while teaching Coby a vital life skill, which is so important.'

Nicola, owner of Puddle Ducks Doncaster & South Humberside, said: 'Coby is a lovely, happy little boy who really loves being in the water, in fact he is really laid back about it all '“ a natural. It's always a real pleasure to be with the family each week, teaching them techniques such as how to hold Coby in the water and what they need to do to help him with his swimming.'