Midsummer mayhem in wintry Sheffield

Midsummer Night's Dream
Midsummer Night's Dream

A celebrity good luck message was passed from one Bottom to another, for a forthcoming Sheffield production of a Shakespearean favourite.

David Walliams, who has been filming in South Yorkshire, wished Jonathan Jones good luck for his performance in a written message following an earlier conversation between the two.

Jonathan, a teacher at Oakwood High School in Rotherham, said: “In a brief chat with David Walliams he and I were able to compare our Bottoms as he recently played the role in The West End!

“He signed my script and wished SUDS good luck. “

The ‘magical’ Shakespearean play will be shown in Sheffield over a four-day period.

All the action within Sheffield University Drama Society’s adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, from November 11 to 14, takes place far from the wintry British weather, in a setting close to Athens.

Directors Corinne Osborne and Caroline Denby Hollis have created their own sparkling version of the much-loved comedy for the whole family to enjoy.

They said: “We want this production to delight and above all make the audience laugh.

“ We have taken a fairly traditional approach with very young but very talented local children playing the fairies, and have concentrated on the beauty of the language as well as the uproarious silliness of Bottom and the Mechanicals.”

Those who go along to the University Drama Studio can witness the spectacles of a man turned into a donkey, magical potions, and an abundance of cute fairies.

All these form part of the cast and story along with the frustrated and confused lovers who appear in the best tradition of Shakespearian high comedy.

There are magical solutions to the play’s tensions , all largely the result of circumstances, accidents, and mistakes.