Mexborough foodbank plans for those needing help

Sean Gibbons delivering surplus food to a local Foodbank.
Sean Gibbons delivering surplus food to a local Foodbank.

Plans have been revealed to launch a foodbank in Mexborough to help people in financial difficulty.

Project leader Sean Gibbons, 40, hopes to launch the scheme within the next three months which will allow visitors to pick up food parcels for £2.50.

He told how he is determined to make this one a success after a previous foodbank in Conisbrough closed just a few months after opening last year.

The father-of-two, of Park Road, Mexborough, said: “It didn’t succeed because we had people coming in with cans of beer in hand and the like who did not qualify for support who just wanted a free meal.

“We want to help decent, hard working families and other people who may have fallen on hard times and really need the support.”

He added those behind the project would learn the lessons of the ill-fated first foodbank.

Said Mr Gibbons: “This time we will work more closely with our community partners.

“For example churches and children’s centres who can refer people onto us who need support rather than it just been open to anyone.

“So long as they provide the relevant documents, like benefits receipts, then we can help them.

“Foodbanks are becoming essential in communities because of the financial situation.”

He added produce such as fruit and veg would be provided through his Food AWARE scheme.

This project is already up and running and takes in unwanted food from supermarkets, such as damaged fruit which is still deemed edible.

Meetings will now take place between officials at Doncaster Council, local churches and community groups.

They will then look at using a venue in Mexborough as a place where people can pick up the parcels on certain week days.

Mexborough Children’s Centre has been mentioned as a potential venue.