‘McDonald’s coffee is 10p cheaper at Tankersley!’ Hilarious response after Yoko Ono asks for advice to make life better

It is unlikely Yoko Ono is ever likely to commute between Barnsley and Sheffield, but if she does, she can save herself a few pennies on a cup of McDonald’s coffee, thanks to one helpful fan.

Friday, 8th February 2019, 09:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th February 2019, 09:02 am
Yoko Ono was told how to save money on McDonald's coffee in South Yorkshire. (Photo: PA)

The widow of Beatle John Lennon took to Twitter asking for people’s thoughts on how to ‘heal and shine’ and make their lives better.

But rather than being bombarded with spiritual thoughts from her followers around the world, the 85-year-old artist and musician was blitzed with a series of tongue in cheek replies – including some money saving advice if she’s ever in South Yorkshire.

Yoko Ono was told how to save money on McDonald's coffee in South Yorkshire. (Photo: PA)

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She asked her 4.7 million Twitter followers: “give us some advice that will make us heal and shine.”

And one witty tweeter jokingly replied: 'If you’re commuting from Barnsley to Sheffield, a McDonald’s coffee is 10p cheaper at Tankersley than at Meadowhall Retail Park'

It was one of a series of comical responses to the star – and probably not what she was expecting.

It''s apparently cheaper to buy your coffee at Tankersley than Meadowhall.

Others included:

“If you’re a passenger of Prince Philip, always wear a seat-belt.”

“Always park near the trolley return area in a supermarket car park.”

“Take your coat off indoors — or you won’t feel the benefit when you go out.”

“Put a splash of fizzy water in your Yorkshire pudding batter.”

“Superdrug’s own brand Ibuprofen is only 35p, compared to Nurofen’s brand which is £2.29.”

“When opening a yoghurt, always point it away from yourself.”

“Don’t carry light-bulbs in your back pocket.”

“Place your trousers under the mattress before going to bed. It helps keep the crease.”

“Don’t take laxatives if you have a tickly cough.”

“Make your packed lunch before you go to bed because you won’t be bothered to in the morning — and you’ll end up eating a Greggs again.”

“If you wait until ten minutes before Tesco closes, you can buy an entire birthday cake reduced to 50p.”

“Lidl has superb ceramic frying pans.”

We’re not sure whether the money saving advice between the two branches is true – or whether Yoko Ono has popped into either of them while whizzing around South Yorkshire