Mayor’s spitting ban moves a bit closer - Video

A BAN on spitting in public in Doncaster has moved a step closer after councillors overwhelmingly backed the plan.

Mayor Peter Davies made outlawing spitting in the streets one of his election pledges, announcing that he was determined to crack down on the “unpleasant and filthy habit.”

Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies

Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies

Now after Doncaster Council gave its backing to the proposal to introduce a borough wide by-law and fines against spitters, the final decision on whether to ban spitting in public rests with the Secretary of State.

Mr Davies told a full council meeting at the Mansion House: “Doncaster could become one of the first authorities in the country to outlaw this disgusting, vile habit. There is no place in our borough for spitting. We want a clean and attractive place to live.”

The Mayor had called for an outright ban on any public spitting - including professional sportsmen such as Doncaster Rovers players taking part in matches at the Keepmoat Stadium - but the ban was amended to purely apply to the public.

He said: “I played a number of sports such as cricket and rugby and I never felt the need to spit - it needs stamping down on, wherever it happens.”

If the Government rubber stamps the ruling, it means that anyone found spitting in the streets could be slapped with a hefty fine. Other broken bylaws in the borough can attract a £400 fine.

It was revealed that more than 30 cases of spitting a day had been reported - and that the public were overwhelmingly behind the proposal with council officers expected to enforce the ban on the streets.

Coun Glyn Jones, Labour group leader on the council, also gave his support to the ban and said: “We are fully behind this motion. My old games master used to say during rugby matches ‘if you are going to spit, spit out blood - and make sure there’s a few teeth with it too!’”

Under the ruling, no offence would be committed by anyone found spitting within a handkerchief, spittoon, bin or tissue.