Maxi Hughes looking to hit British title bullseye against Bowen

'I feel a bit offended '“ some people are saying it's a young kid against a veteran!'

Thursday, 12th April 2018, 5:00 pm
Maxi Hughes

Balk as he might at being described as the old man in a clash between a 26-year-old and a 28-year-old, Maxi Hughes knows ‘veteran’ status will count for something on Saturday night.

The Rossington fighter heads to Leicester to face Sam Bowen for the British super featherweight title.

And he expects his greater experience will be a key factor – even if he is not ready to be the old man just yet.

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“I’m not that old!” he told the Free Press.

“I’m only 28. I’m not a veteran yet.

“I’ve had double the amount of fights he’s had which will only go in my favour.

“There’s been Championship fights as well, which he hasn’t had yet.

“I’ve operated at a high level against the likes of Martin Ward. He hasn’t had that yet.

“It’s okay doing it in the gym but it’s a lot different on the night, under the lights, in your boxing kit, inside an arena.

“I think that is where he will fall short.”

Saturday’s contest at the King Power Stadium will be Hughes’ second attempt at the British title, having lost out on points to current European champion Martin J Ward a year ago.

While his clashes with Ward have been technical affairs, the 28-year-old is expecting a different prospect from the unbeaten Bowen, who has stopped eight of his 12 opponents so far.

But he believes that will go in his favour on fight night.

“I don’t think Bowen will bring a lot different from what I’ve seen from him,” Hughes said.

“Personally I don’t think he can box like I can.

“He looks heavy on his feet and just wants to come and lump the shots in.

“If his trainer and manager Carl Greaves is anything to go off, he thinks his power is everything.

“I’m expecting him to come out to try to stop me. To come out swinging.

“That would play right into my hands.

“I don’t expect it to be a 12 round technical bout like the previous fights I’ve had with Martin Ward, a technical operator like him.

“There’s nothing technical about Bowen. What you see is what you get. He’ll just come forward all night.”

Hughes is satisfied he has done all he in can in his training camp, working with coach Jimmy Harrington in Lindholme.

He said: “It’s gone really well. Jimmy has done a grand job taking care of me.

“I’ve had some sponsorship to get me out of work and into full time training.

“It always helps. I wouldn’t like to go into a fight like that with anything less.

“Everything has gone perfectly.”