Mass exodus at Doncaster primary school

A total of 75 children have been taken out of a Doncaster primary school in just eight months, new figures have revealed.

Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 8:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 9:36 am
Hexthorpe Primary School in Urban Road, Hexthorpe.

Parents have been removing children from Hexthorpe Primary school at a rate of nine every month, or two every week, during this school year, the local education authority today confirmed.

The Urban Road school was judged to be outstanding during its last Ofsted inspection in 2010.

Commenting on the number of children that have left since August, Headteacher Nicola Parker-Watts said:

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“Like many schools, we often see pupils leaving for personal reasons including families leaving the area or parents choosing to move children to a school that is in a more convenient location.

“Hexthorpe Primary School has been judged as outstanding by Ofsted and is a popular school with some pupils whose parents chose to send them to our school despite living outside our catchment area.

“We are proud that parents have described our school as a “big family” and we value all of our pupils and aim to help them achieve in a supportive learning environment.

“Our school remains popular and it is thought pupil numbers will continue to grow in the years to come with new housing developments in the area. With this in mind we have a new seven classroom extension that is already benefitting pupils.”

Hexthorpe resident, and members of the Hexthorpe Primary School’s Parents’ Forum, Stuart Boardman, said he thought that some parents may have removed their children from the school due to the new headteacher.

He said: “She’s come in and is doing things slightly differently, and I think some people just don’t like change.

“For me personally, that’s not a good enough reason to remove a child from a school but that’s their choice.

“I’ve heard some people saying that they’ve taken their children out of the school because of the number of classes where the majority of children are non-English speaking but that’s not something that’s been brought up in the parents’ forum.

“For me personally, Hexthorpe Primary School is a good school. Every school has its problems but the school works hard to fix things and resolve problems which I think is good.”